Did you know, there exists more than one type of invitation card?

Yes, apart from our traditional printed invitation cards exists online invitation GIFs, electronic video wedding card, invitation E-card image types for WhatsApp use and invitation video. Many people have been investing their time and money into either one of the above or all without realising that it can drain down your bank balance by lot, take up most of your time and can be very stressful. Why spend on Book post and wait till the time the wedding invitation card reaches the attendees when you have Weddingo providing you with the facility to create your own wedding invitation card online and share it to your chosen guests through Whatsapp or through other social media platforms.

On an average, most couples spend between 10,000 up to lakhs on just printing the finest wedding invitations plus a WhatsApp image invite and/or other mean of invitations. While Weddingo gives you all for the price of one. Our online wedding invitation cards are not only environment friendly but also helps save time that would have otherwise gone into printing and mailing of the invitations by post, into putting your energy at planning your wedding to that perfect wedding you had always wished for.

Why weddingo you ask?

Exciting features

  • Couple Name generator
  • Save the date - Invitations
  • Colourful designs for your online wedding invitation
  • Custom wedding invitation design
  • Gallery section specifically for your online wedding invitation
  • Our wedding invitation card manages your guest list for you
  • Social Media Campaigning
  • Access Map within the Online Invitation

We at weddingo want to give you the best experience with creating and sharing your wedding invitation. With an advancement and a society prone to constant changes, we want to adapt to the changing shift in the cultural nature from paper to paperless, this includes going paperless with your invites. Benefits? Saves your time, money, travel and the job gets done fast and effectively and the best part is you don’t have to worry about the invite limit!

We like to think of it as an eco-friendly solution to reducing paper usage and wish to bring this change in the wedding culture with your help.

Couple Name Generator

Weddingo is not just any online wedding invitation card website, it is one that comprises many exhilarating features like Notifications, Weddingo maps, gallery, guest list, and many more. We are thrilled to introduce you to our new couple name generator feature – #Coupletag

Online Wedding Invitation - Couple Name Generator
Online Wedding Invitation - Save The Date

Save The Date - Invitations

This feature allows you to make announcements regarding your wedding, you can add a few details about the bride and the groom in the wedding announcement section of your invitation card.

Colourful designs for your online wedding invitation

Experiment with our wide range of themes, colours, designs, and background styles to reflect your wedding invitation as per your desires, best fitting yours and your partner’s personalities. After all your online wedding invitations look will determine how great your wedding is going to be, so why not excite your guests too to look forward to it with an extravagant wedding invite.

Online Wedding Invitation -  Colorful Background
Online Wedding Invitation -  Custom Wedding Invitation

Custom wedding invitation design

You can customise your wedding invitation by setting up an invite code, you get to choose who receives them, and your visitors will only see the events you wish for them to see.This feature is unique only at weddingo for online wedding invitation card.

Gallery section specifically for your online wedding invitation

Ever seen a wedding card with pictures to play around with to add some interesting themes to your wedding invite content? With the Weddingo online custom wedding invitation, you can also add your own pictures, family portraits videos and other relevant images to the weddingo invite to allow your visitors a sneak peak of whom the bride and groom are and help them know whom they are looking forward to meet.

Online Wedding Invitation -  Gallery
Online Wedding Invitation -  Guestlist

Our wedding invitation card manages your guest list for you

Weddingo allows you to predict the number of guests planning to attend your wedding, with the RSVP feature followed within the wedding invitation itself. This will help you plan your wedding without having to worry about over booking or under booking attributes required for the preparation of your wedding ceremonies. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a hands-on on how many people to expect before your wedding? What better way than to do it through your online wedding invitation card, convenience at its best.

Social Media

Sync your social media such as WhatsApp profiles for easy updates on your wedding card for ease of access to your visitors whom you choose to invite at your wedding. Share your wedding pictures with your friends and family with one click of the button on all or selected social media platforms as per your convenience.

Online Wedding Invitation -  Social Media
Online Wedding Invitation -  Map


Another exciting feature we’ve added, to make it easier for your visitors to plan their trip to make it to your special wedding day. This allows users to locate the distance between their locations to the venue using our maps feature.

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Our Happy Couples

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We loved the way weddingo presented our online wedding invitation card. It was something different and amazing. Our friends were amazed. Our wedding seemed like a huge event just because of such an amazing wedding invitation design.

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This online wedding invitation was appreciated by all our friends, specially the notification option. Moreover we personally found it a really cool way to design wedding invitation and to invite everyone.

Wedding Invitation Photo




Such a lovely way to invite your friends and family through the new online wedding invitation system. Most recommended to those newly engaged to use this form of wedding invitation card for their future wedding. Weddingo makes sending invitation so much easy, friendly and convenient.

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