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13th July, 2018

Wedding Announcement

Once upon a time in the middle of an ordinary life Love gives us a fairytale.

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The Groom

"Loved by everyone. He is a cool, laidback, intelligent and sporty person. And now love has chosen a lovely person for him, though he's getting married just for the wedding food :P. "

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The Bride

"To her family , she is Mamon - the over pampered , excessively protected girl from a typical Bong family. While mummy and daddy decided pretty much everything for her , love happened to her almost like a pleasant accident!"


The Wedding Events

The events for our marriage.

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Haldi Ceremony

10 July 2016, 3pm - 6pm, 901, Shallom Heights, Behind OLPS School

Join us as we begin the celebration of the marriage of Akshay.

Wedding Ceremony

13 July 2016, 7pm - 12am, Senate United-21, LBS Marg, Gokul Nagar, Opp. Majiwada Junction, Thane - West

The tulu groom and Bengali bride take sacred marriage vows in the company of their loving family and friends. Come join us as we say I do.

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The Reception

15 July 2016, 7pm - 10pm, Sanoor banquet, C/O Rehaja Club House, Near R City Mall, Next To Kalpatru, L B S Marg, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai - 400086,

After all the overdose of religious ceremonies, let your hair down at a party to celebrate our marriage and love.

Flower Box

Let us know if you can make it, so we can notify you?

Our Love Story

Love isn't something you find, it is something that finds you

December 2009

We Met Each Other

We met each other while pursuing the final year of our engineering at VESIT. Funnily however , we had been studying in the same class for last three years.

Met Each Other
First Date

November 2010

Our First Beautiful Date

Our first date was in a small Udipi restaurant called Laxmi Next overlooking the powai lake. That was the only place that would open as early as 8 am. This began a series of early morning dates to which he was always late.

There is no specific time and place for love

We fell in love

Somewhere between the rides on his bike (our partner in crime) and the early morning dates we fell in love. And we continued to fall in love, nothing changed, even if the distance did. Instead our relationship became just stronger and better.

Fell in love

Ferbruary 2014

He Proposed her

He finally gathered the courage to talk to her Parents.

November 2015

And they finalised the BIG day!

The parents met each other and placed the last peice of the puzzle by setting the date for the marriage.


Our Family

Family and friends are an important part of any marriage.

Akshay's Family


Navinchandra Amin


Nikita Chakraborty

Ishita's Family

Ceremony Information

Come along the right path to attend our delightful occasion.

Ceremony Location

Senate United-21, LBS Marg,
Gokul Nagar, Opp. Majiwada Junction, Thane - West


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